The DipOrg is aimed at organists who are looking at gaining recognition for the music they provide in everyday life. The qualification consists of:

  1. Three prepared contrasting pieces of about ten minutes duration. The music should be performed in the style of a recital. The candidate can, if they wish, address audience between the pieces; if performed before an audience
  2. The performance of three verses of one hymn. A list of five hymns will be provided to the candidate about ten days before the assessment date. The candidate will choose one to perform.
  3. Two Pedal exercises as prescribed by NMSM and available from the school.

Candidates for this diploma should, when choosing their programme, take in to account the instrument on which it is to be played. Please ask the question “Is the instrument capable of giving what is musically required.”

A copy of the specification of the intended instrument and other details, action etc., or, alternatively, the NPOR reference number and/or address should be provided to the NMSM about a week before the recital performance to assist with the examining process.

This diploma can be taken in a church or on the candidates own home church digital organ which must have a full standard pedal board ie 30/32 notes.

This diploma examination can be relayed live via the internet at the candidate’s choice. Please contact the NMSM for further details.

NMSM DipOrg Assessments

Assessment Level DipOrg NMSM
Duration N/A
Works 3 contrasting pieces (Candidates own choice), a hymn, Pedal exercises (supplied by examiner)
Viva No
Perform from memory Candidate's choice
Improvisation Candidate’s choice
Public recital Candidate's choice
Address audience Candidate's choice
Programme notes No
Written element & aural tests No